About Rick Heintzman & Heintzman Farms

Rick farms in North Central Dakota. Crops he currently is raising include wheat, confectionery sunflowers, and flax…not just any flax, but Dakota Flax Gold!

Before, and while he got into planting his (fix it) crop, Rick worked with different types of farm equipment. He would modify a piece of equipment and make it suitable to perform the job he intended to use it for.

One piece of farm equipment, called a rotary hoe (toolbar pulled by a tractor and has 100 plus spider wheels) he had tremendous plugging problems with. He fixed and Patented it simply by moving a wheel 6 inches to the right; and what he did to one wheel he did to all wheels on this piece of equipment. Now, this rotary hoe is able to take weeds out of crops without chemicals (weather permitting). Absolutely revolutionary and futuristic…but we live in a chemically dependent society where acceptance and marketing is slow.

Low wheat prices changed his planting intentions 18 years ago. The crop he found to replace wheat was the flax plant. Through his research he started finding out some of the medical benefits of the flax seed and oil.

Now, for the last 18 years, Rick has created a market for his Dakota Flax Gold locally in the United States and he is also exporting. He had to overcome difficulties, just like in the equipment he uses, to market this valuable crop. The reason flax seed is not used in the food industry is primarily because it has an unstable oil once the seed is ground. Without grinding the seed, our digestive system cannot absorb the nutrition jam-packed into these little golden gems.

So, Rick figured out a way to stabilize this seed. He puts together a user friendly kit consisting of a electric grinder and Golden flax seeds, with information on how to use it in its uncooked form.

Now, Heintzman Farms, Dakota Flax Gold is proud to have received the Seal of Approval from the Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. “By consuming a proper balance of pure foods like Dakota Flax Gold, which naturally contain a rich source of essential fatty acids, high-quality protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, lignans, vitamins and minerals, that are necessary to life, better blood glucose control can be achieved, and some illnesses prevented leading to a healthier life. These vital nutrients are a necessary component to complete nutrition.”