Seeds BOUNCE in the tube, not out of the GROOVE!

Designed for all air seeders and is quickly mounted on each seed hose, about 2-3” above seed opener.

After the seeds (beans, sunflowers, corn) pass through the towers, the double and triple clumped seeds in the airstream are singulated for uniform placement.

The seeds are cushioned through (2) two Patent Pending internal plug proof valves, while excess air is removed so seeds do not bounce out of the seed furrow.


Research suggests with airseeders, a seed bounce of 15% is common without the Genius Equalizer tubes installed.


The Canadian Oilseed Council research states that at planting with an air seeder at a 5# seeding rate, 60% (3#’s) of the Canola seeds are planted. The other 40% (2#’s) will blow out of the seed furrow.

At $50 per acre Canola seed cost, $20 of that blows out of the ground and the GENIUS EQUALIZER tubes will help to prevent that from happening.

Return cost of Canola Seed the savings on just 200 acres with a 42’ air drill, will pay for a set of tubes.