Farmers with a Deere 750 or 1850 Series no-till drill know that the cast iron closing wheel can lock up...due to dirt and moisture getting into the bearing seals.

This Seal Sealer is designed to solve the problem and is an injection molded plastic cap that is designed to fit over the closing wheel's original bearing seal.

  1. Use a 1 1/4" wrench to crack the spindle/wheel loose out of its holding arm.
  2. Spin the spindle off with your hand and discard one shim.
  3. Replace used bearings and seal.
  4. Slip the beveled washer (non-aggressive) on first, then the Seal Sealer over hex axle and hand tighten the wheel.
  5. If wheel turns too freely, remove and flip beveled washer to aggressive and spin wheel back on.